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Frequently Asked Questions
"The only thing I was sure of, prior to my daughter's birth, was that I did not want to wear a hospital gown. Thank goodness for Binsi. I put my skirt on as soon as I got to the hospital, and I felt so good! What a difference from those hospital gowns."
Danielle, Newton, PA
Second-time Mom
What makes BINSI® so different?

Most women in childbirth are healthy and need to be active - so why shouldn't you look and feel that way? BINSI® is the only labor and birth apparel designed by a birth doula and mother of three to work well for midwives, doctors, nurses, anesethsiologists, doulas - and most of all you! Our designs were tested and evaluated by mothers and all other birth professionals to make sure that they are the best design possible. BINSI® skirts fit below your belly, so they won't irritate your sensitve skin during contractions or interfere with monitoring. They are adjustable, so they fit your ever changing figure easily, all while keeping you covered and comfortable so you can focus on what's really important. BINSI® tops have clasps on the front straps that unhook to accommodate breastfeeding and medical equipment. They also have side snaps to allow the top to be partially, or completely, removed with ease. Make sure to put BINSI® in your birth plan and go over it with your health provider before your big day.

How soon can I get my BINSI®?

Most orders will ship same day except Saturday, Sunday or Holidays
Express Mail - will ship same day if order is placed before noon, Mountain Standard Time.

If I’m in labor, when should I put on my BINSI® clothes?

Who knows, you might already be wearing your BINSI® clothes when you go into labor! If you’re not, you can put them on either before you leave for the hospital, before you are asked to change into the gown, or when you are checked into your room. This is your big day, so put it on whenever you like!

What if my nurses don’t want me to wear my BINSI® clothes?

If you are giving birth at a hospital, you may be surprised at how much courage it takes to ask for things that are important to you. But doctorss and nurses want the same outcome you do: a happy patient that has a good experience. Whether it is the courage to ask to wear your BINSI® clothes, or something (anything!) else that you feel you need—all you need to do is ask. The clothes were truly designed and tested with all the medical interventions, so you can bring a brochure (download it from the web or request one with your order), or just show them how it works. You’ll be surprised by their reaction once they see how easy it is for them to work with too!

If I want an epidural, can I still wear my BINSI® clothing?

We've designed and tested all of our clothing to accommodate any medical equipment you might need or choose - even the epidural. Both the Go Go Top and the Thankini have clasps on the front straps that unhook, clearing the way for monitors and medical equipment alike. They also have side snaps to allow partial or complete removal during epidural administration; or so you can take it off quickly and easily without having to thread it over the IV pole, or over your head. So no matter how you choose to give birth, BINSI® wants to empower you to look and feel comfortable, and as like yourself as possible.

Can I wear BINSI® clothing during a cesarean birth?

You may wear any of our clothing before your cesarean, and afterward. Depending on your incision however, the skirts are GREAT for the first weeks postpartum because the skirts rest below your incision, and won’t irritate it. That said, during a cesarean, you won't be wearing anything. For sterile reasons of course!

Why does BINSI® mention medical equipment so often?

We at BINSI® believe that birth is a normal and natural process and women are designed to birth their babies and instinctively know how to do so. We also believe that our birth apparel helps women have a more normal and comfortable birth experience - wherever they are birthing. Our culture has turned birth into a medical emergency, rather than a natural, normal experience. We want to help women move and work with their bodies while laboring, and often medical equipment and the environment can inhibit that ability. Whether it is modesty or inadequate clothing, we feel that our birth apparel offers a wonderful alternative. We do NOT encourage the use of medical intervention, but we do support a woman's ability to make informed choices for herself and her baby. We also sympathize that too often women need to convince their doctors that our clothing will work with their medical equipment "just in case", and that is why we mention our apparel's ability to work with the equipment repeatedly. We feel that in changing what women wear while they labor, we are changing the way women look and feel about themselves, helping to normalize the experience, showing doctors that laboring women are not sick and can move and birth their babies naturally.

What if my BINSI® clothing gets dirty?

Oh dear. Well, that is always a possibility in childbirth. But since the skirt does not hang between your legs, most often, it’s only soiled if you sit on it. But, you know, if it does get dirty while you are in labor you can simply throw it in the washer and dryer when you get home, all items are machine washable.

Do I have to be in labor to wear BINSI® clothing?

BINSI® clothes are stylish and comfortable, and are designed to support you before, during and after labor. They are great for prenatal yoga, Pilates, lounging and stretching, not to mention a walk to the park with someone special. You might find they become your favorite things to wear - long before you deliver, and well into the months that follow too. Wear them in great health and joy!

Why is the label on the outside of the clothing?

Because BINSI® is made for giving birth and we know how sensitive skin is during labor! We designed BINSI® clothing without those scratchy tags that can irritate your sensitive skin. Ok. We’ll admit that there IS a care instruction label on the inside—but that can easily be removed.

How should my blessing beads be put on?

Whether you are at a baby shower, blessingway ceremony, or home by yourself, stringing your beads on can be a powerful and beautiful experience. What we had in mind is like this: string 4 beads on one side of the drawstring and tie a knot at the end of the ribbon. Then put the last 4 beads on the other side and tie a knot at that end. For baby showers, or blessingway ceremonies, you can give each person a bead, then pass the BINSI® skirt around so everyone can string on a bead and offer a prayer and blessing to the mother. You can do this during the shower, or have it by the gift table and have each person put the bead on before they leave. After all the beads have been added, tie a knot at the other end and disperse beads evenly. A truly powerful way to start one of the most amazing times in your life!

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