"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! I just gave birth to my 3rd child and wore my BINSI skirt. I absolutely LOVED it! I wore the traditional hospital gown with my first 2 and hated every minute of it. I got so many comments from the nurses about how cute it was and how they could hardly believe that I was in labor. I gave birth naturally to a very healthy Breech baby. I felt like I was in control even though my situation was considered "high risk", I didn't feel like a sick patient, I just felt like a woman giving birth. It was an amazing experience. Thank you. "
- Nancy, Parker, CO

"As a doula, I have worked with Binsi products in both hospitals and home births. I have found them to be wonderful to say the least! Not only do they accommodate all the physical needs of birthing, they address the emotional needs as well. They make moms look and feel great, and I know from experience how much it means to feel comfortable and like yourself during such an important time."
- Ranelle, CD (DONA), Longmont, CO

"Thank you for the skirt - I loved it! It was really comfortable to labor in, and I loved not having to maneuver with the gown. I thought it was practical and cute. My midwives thought it was great because they were able to exam me easily, it was easier for them than the gown. I thought it was easy to wear in bed while sleeping with initial prostaglandin induction, the bathroom, the chair, standing, and the birth ball."
- Molly, Denver,CO

"I have to admit that when I was given the skirt I wasn't sure I would wear it, but packed it in my bag anyway. When I got to the hospital and put on a gown it took about 5 minutes until it drove me crazy. I changed into the skirt and my sprots bra and couldn't have been happier! It was absolutely wonderful and I cannot sing its' praises enough!! I had to be on the monitor the entire time as well and it made it soooo much easier to have my stomach exposed; the nurses didn't have to fool around with the wires and all the attachments getting tangled in the gown, and I truly felt covered when I was able to get up and move around the room. What a wonderful thing!! I also thought the beads made a nice and very special addition to the baby's scrapbook!!
- Beth, Kansas City, KS

"I wanted to write and thank you for my Binsi! The only thing I was sure of prior to the was that I did NOT want to wear a hospital gown. I couldn't give birth at home, so I wanted to make the hospital experience as close to a home birth as possible. Thank goodness I found the Binsi! I put it on as soon as I got to the hospital, and was able to wear a sports top with it. I felt so good! What a difference from those hospital gowns. I felt really comfortable walking around the hospital halls, and I got comments from all of the nurses. They said I looked like I was going to a dance, not having a baby:) My Midwife had never seen one, and she loved it, too. It really did make a difference, especially for a hospital setting." - Danielle, Newtown, PA

The Binsi was perfect for my homebirth. It allowed me to walk around my home easily and comfortably. I loved the feminine look and the feel of the fabric. I believe the Binsi skirt is a great blend of comfort, style and practicality for any birth.
- Terri, Loveland, CO Second-time Mom

The Binsi skirt was perfect! It was comfortable, functional and easy to use - way less bulky than all the fabric of a gown. Wearing the Binsi skirt helped me to feel more confident, uninhibited, comfortable and beautiful. Thank you Binsi!
- Michelle, Monterey, CA RN, BSN, AAHCC and second-time mom

The Binsi skirt was the perfect addition to my Mothers Blessing, where all those in attendance chose a special bead to tie onto the drawstrings. I enjoyed having the flexibility of the skirt rather than the ugly hospital gown. My nurses were somewhat leery, but because of the wonderful design they were willing to work with it. I appreciated how light weight and non-binding that it was, I can't imagine trying to give birth wearing an uncomfortable hospital gown. I will definitely wear this for future births and highly recommend your products.
- Lisa, Springfield, MO First-time mom