• Labor Lab Handbook

Labor Lab Handbook

The Labor Lab Handbook is an easy, hands-on way for pregnant women and their support team to learn skills that will enhance their labor experience.

This booklet:

  •      Helps Pregnant women and their partners prepare for labor
  •      Encourages rehearsal for labor with activities for practice sessions
  •      Provides additional tools for discussion and education
  •      Develops confidence in comfort techniques
  •      Gives partners, doulas quick reference resource during labor
  •      Promotes interaction and communication between mother and partner

Can be used as:

  •     Practice Manual for Pregnant Women and their support
  •     Handout in a Childbirth Class
  •     Guide in a Doula Information/Introduction Packet
  •     Resource for Doula Training Workshops
  •     Labor Room Supplement

Sample of Topics Include:

  •     Back discomfort
  •     Birthing positions
  •     Aromatherapy
  •     Breathing techniques
  •     Acupressure points
  •     Massage techniques
  •     Using the rebozo
  •     Enhance labor progress

Booklet is 4 x 5 1/5 with 17 pages of information!

$ 4.00