Labor Lab Teaching Sheets Download

Labor Lab teaching cards can be used by childbirth educators, labor companions, doula trainers, or pregnant couples.

As an educator, it can:

  •     Invigorate the class curriculum
  •     Reinforce techniques taught throughout the series
  •     Review critical information
  •     Provide supplemental information on alternative topics
  •     Allow instructors one-on-one time with couples
  •     Offer participants individualized time for questions
  •     Stimulate the “Hands-on” adult learning style
As a Doula:
  •     Leave a set of cards at the first prenatal visit. Suggest couples try all activities and list and questions they may have about any topics.
  •     Use specific cards to discuss preferences for support and comfort during labor.
  •     Practice the activities with the couples to emphasize and learn coping techniques.

On the Labor Deck:

  •     Keep a set of cards handy at a nurses’ station for quick reference.
  •     Have a set available in each labor room for couples to use.

At a Doula training:

  •     Participants can be in groups of three (mother, partner, doula) to rotate to each station. Ask the third person (doula) how they would participate/help in that particular scenario.
  •     Pick one or two particular cards and have groups brainstorm possibilities for how doulas might help.
  •     Have cards available as a resource for doulas to have in their labor bag as reminders for themselves or for pictures to show clients.

Topics include:
  •     Back discomfort
  •     Birthing positions
  •     Aromatherapy
  •     Breathing techniques
  •     Acupressure points
  •     Massage techniques
  •     Using the rebozo
  •     Enhance labor progress
  •     Birth Ball

Set includes 28 pages of 8 1/5 by 11 instruction sheets.
Easily laminated at your local printer. Instructor Guide also available for download.

$ 22.50