Traditional Rebozo

The rebozo, a weavers piece of art, is more than a traditional piece of clothing used by many Hispanic and Latin American cultures. Most simply it is used as a scarf or shawl to accent an outfit or maintain warmth.  In the traditional culture it was also used for carrying products to market or holding infants and small children.
Traditional midwives use the rebozo during pregnancy to support the growing belly, during labor for rotating a posterior baby and after delivery to protect the abdominal muscles.  When used by a support person or labor doula the rebozo becomes a mult-ifunctional tool to assist the laboring woman in relaxation and positioning.

The BINSI rebozos measure 27" wide X 68" long (not including the length of the fringe)
They are handmade in Mexico of 85% cotton 15% acrylan

$ 25.00